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Re: [dnswl-users] Experimental dnswl.org feature - Abuse Reporting

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 11:09:18AM +0100, Matthias Leisi wrote:
> Over the past couple of days, we started to implement a feature to get
> feedback about spam (and other forms of abuse) from dnswl.org-listed
> IP addresses.
> The feature is still experimental, but we would like to get a handful
> of you to test it out. It is currently a simple web form, but we plan
> to add an SMTP option as soon as things have matured a bit.

After a few weeks of testing, there are some results:

1. It works nicely. After I set up some work flow locally, it is not
   that hard to use the web interface.

2. However, if I interpret the serial numbers correctly, there aren't
   very many people reporting except me. Many possible reasons:
   a) Not many reporters.
   b) People only report DNSWLed spams that get through.
   c) People don't report from spam traps.
   d) People don't report backscatter.

3. Because I've got quite a number of reports, I hardly ever can see
   what happens, because my last 20 reports aren't usually handled (and
   that isn't necessary either).

4. There is a *lot* of backscatter to spam traps :-) Nothing new here.

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