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[dnswl-users] epsilon.com entry at dnswl.org suspended

Hello list,

E-mail marketing provider epsilon.com (DNSWL Id 3108) let one of their
customers continuously spam the dnswl.org admin address - abuse reports
have been ignored for months, and they make it very hard to find an abuse
reporting address to begin with. In fact, the logical choice of
abuse@xxxxxxxxxxx bounces.

We therefore suspended all epsilon.com and related IP in
dnswl.orgeffective immediately (expect some delay until DNS fuly

It should be noted that epsilon.com appears under varying domain names in
your logs, eg epsiloninteractive.com, bigfootinteractive.com, bfi0.com,
epidm.com, and possibly more. Also, they sometimes use their customer
domain names as reverse DNS for their IP space, often in the form of
"mta.news.<customer domain>", or some similar prefix ("mta.mailing",
"mta.email", "mta.newsletter", "mta1.email" through "mta15.email", "mta.dm"
and many others).

-- Matthias